Teachers and Twitters

Education Department Wants Tweets From Teachers and Students

This article explains the idea that Twitter can be used to aid teachers and effectively be a means of direct communication for students, as well as parents, and community members.  It basically states that the Department of Education hopes to use Twitter in order to provide teachers, students, parents, and anyone else who may be interested, a chance to play a more active role in the Department’s decisions.

Question 1: What is your opinion of the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

Answer 1: I agree with the ideas in this article. I think that it is fantastic that the Department of Education wants to involve the community in their decisions. It will definitely help the students feel like they are playing an active role in their education.  It is great to know that the DOE wants to hear the opinions of those they affect with their decisions. One paragraph in the article states, “Briscoe points out that the DOE doesn’t use Twitter to drive policy, but rather, to gauge what different people across the country think about education policy.  The Twitter conversations are similar to a good dinner table conversation, he says, where a friend will offer suggestions that may have no been on your radar.” Another thing to consider is that by using Twitter as a method for communication, the DOE is helping to incorporate technology in classrooms. It also helps to show students and their parents that technology can be used to their advantage and that they have the power to make a difference in the education system.

Question 2: How do the news, issues, and trends relate to other issues or theories you’ve learned in this class or other classes?

Answer 2: I have not learned so much about the use of Twitter in schools in my classes, as I am going into Elementary Education. While it is still important to incorporate technology in Elementary Education, I believe that this article is more geared for the high school education department. However, my good friend is going in to Secondary Education and he brought this idea to my attention a few months ago, as he had learned it in one of his classes. He explained that by using Twitter, teachers make themselves more accessible to the students.  This seems to be the same idea that the DOE is aiming for. Since a good majority of the U.S. population is already on Twitter, they will feel more comfortable asking questions and stating their opinions. Accessibility is key.

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